[REVIEW] Elizavecca Milky Piggy: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

What is this? I hear you say! I'm baaack! Here with more reviews! So i've finally tried this carbonated bubble clay mask product which I got from memebox. It has this adorable piggy on it! 

When you open up the container, it's a non-appealing dark gray colour....guess that is clay. 

The instructions are simple - smear on your face and it will bubble up. This feeling was quite strange, it actually dries up really quickly and bubbles to clear those blocked pores. You wait 5 mins until you then wash it out. 

This product was fun, but messy, took a lot of work to remove. My skin did get red, but I think i might have put too much product on my face and for too long. Will give this product another go and hopefully it doesn't dry out my skin too much.To help the redness, I put a soothing mask on straight after. 

My rating: 2.5/5
The colour of the product and the feel of it may be a turn off. I'm still not sure if it is too strong for my skin or i put too much on the first time/had it on for too long. I would say you will only have to use this once a week or a fortnight as it may get harsh on your pores. Will try this again (in a hopefully less messy manner... -.-) 


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