[REVIEW] Konad Scented Polish

A quick review for you guys! Recently, I used this Konad Scented Polish which I received in one of the previous Memeboxes!

So, at first I was actually put off by the colour. I wasn't a huge fan of darker shades as I tend to use more natural colours as a polish. The bottle actually looks darker in real life too (than in the photo).

Let's just say the result was waaaay better than expected! It came out a great shade of red and extremely pretty :) What was cool about this was definitely the fragrance, you would still be able to smell the fragrance on the nail polish a few days after! 

I was also surprised of the quality of the polish - it stayed on for a week plus, the colour and the quality was really great. Definitely bumped up into one of my fav polishes!

Rate: 4.5/5


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