[REVIEW] Memebox Global #18

I'm back from my one month holiday in Asia! What was really bad on my trip..was my terrrible, dry and irritated skin conditions! Firstly, not enough water and because it was cold and winter there..the heaters would be on so high. Even my lips was dry! I also developed a skin rashes (maybe due to the weather..i saw two doctors and also got meds). So, hoping to do a lot of skincare the next few weeks to recoup! No being lazy!

Global #18 was in my room as soon as I got home!

1. Purederm Shower Jelly (full size - 100g)
So cute! Jelly hehehe! This is a brightening shower gel! Fun and cute! You use this in the shower and rinse off! :) This costs US $6. 

2. Dr.MJ Bee Tox Control Cream (full size - 55ml)
Bzzz bzzz moisturising and soothing cream for your last stage of skincare. Cute Bee concept, i'm hoping to try this out soon! This costs US $50.

3. echoice Hand Therapy (full size - 60g)
This US $2 tube is of cherry blossoms & shea butter hand cream! This smells great :) 

4. PureSmile Animal point Pad (full size - 17ml)
Such cute leopard print pads for your face. Have gotten a lot of point pads previously, so i should start using them on my cheeks every night hahaa! Super cute though >3< They cost US $1.

5. Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream (15ml x3ea)
Haven't heard of the brand before, but these small derma lift are full of rich creams. They do seem very moisturizing for your face and absorb well. A 50ml full size costs US $42. 

6. Touch By Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master (full size - 2.2ml)
This product left me intrigued...this ampoule is actually for dry and flaky spots on your face. You are able to use this under or over makeup. It comes in an easy applicator. I think i needed this when i was overseas!! This costs US $46. 

My Rating: 4.8/5
I think this was a pretty good box! Perfect for cold winter weather...however, i am back in aussie land and it's summer here :( Oh Well, in a few months..i will be hugging these products!


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