[REVIEW[ Bellabox March 2014

Hi Guys, off to an exciting start of the week with a beauty box arriving to me on Monday! I was excited to get this week's Bellabox because it came with such a pretty box! It was actually one of the reasons i wanted to join bellabox! haha :) The packaging really works!
Such a pretty box and blue is my favourite colour haha! Will definitely keep this box!
This month's theme is "Beauty Diaries" and emphasised on haircare and body care. Quite a neat selection of products that were featured in this week's box!

1. Modelco Party Proof Lipstick In Cream Matte - 'Pinking of You' (RRP AUD $16.95)
Was excited this month as every bb included a full size Modelco lipstick! I was lucky to get the light/hot pink shade, which is called "Pinking of You"! The side of the lid also has a mirror - really convenient. Great pigmentation too, will definitely use this! :) 

2. WOW Bath Gel - Mandarin & Lime Bath
A great citrus smelling bath gel! A limited edition sample, great for travel!

3. Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner (40ml x 2)
Two 40ml samples of both the shampoo and conditioner of the Pantene Aqua Light! Such a cute little sample. The full 350ml retails for AUD $7.99. Great smelling shampoo and conditioner though.
4. Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash (50ml sample)
Glad i received the cleansing foam than the overnight treatment (there were 2 varieties). Hope to try this on my breakout prone skin. The 177ml full size is available for AUD $23.50. Cleansers are one of my fav skincare products cos i use it so much. 
5. Wotnot Facial Wipes for Oily/sensitive skin (5 wipes)
For the final time, i do not need anymore of these samples. This is my 3rd package already. =.= This product appeared in January 2014's Bellabox, i'm not sure if it was a good thing including them again. I would've very much preferred a sample of a different product. ~.~ 

Bonus - Thierry Mugler Source - Angel and Alien Eau De Parfum 
Quite liking both fragrances! I haven't received perfume samples in so long :( Lovely french perfume~ which comes in 25ml and 30ml bottles that sell for AUD $55. 

My rating: 3.5/5
Overall, i found it was better than Feb's box. The Wotnot facial wipes made me take a few points away though, purely for the reason that it has already appeared in bellabox and quite recently too! I also have 3 packets of those. Otherwise, i'm pretty happy with the products i got and happy to try them out. Happy to see that they have improved on their packaging this month - so i definitely hope they keep that up and keep bringing us awesome boxes! 


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